I don't proof read these,Who proof reads rants except for politicians and autists.

A More Positive Spin-Off

1:18 am -People on Space Hey. As much as I love the concept of a myspace "remake", I can't shake the idea that EVERYONE ON THERE ARE THE SAME. All 30 something, emo,furry,gay etc with no discernible personality. Now here is the part where I complain about the site itself. I wasn't around when the original MySpace was around but I assume it was almost exactly the same, if that is the case then I don't see why people loved it so much as there is nothing particularly special about it. And to close this, I think it is too sterile, by that I mean it lacks edge. I am sure the old one must have been edgy to a cringy degree but this is just boring. So in short I don't like people that are essentially uniform, and I crave edginess,

7:57 am -Riot Grrrl, I love punk music, I'm sure I might love this music, BUT IT CREATED THE ABORTION AND BANE OF MY EXISTENCE KNOWN AS 3RD WAVE FEMMINISM. Please if someone want's to try and change my mind then send me some music but I can almost ENSURE THAT I WILL BE FOUND ON THE NEWS. The sad thing about 3rd wave feminism is that it could have gone well, 2nd wave was in my opinion quite successful but unfortunatly has been overshadowed by 3rd wave. I try to explain to people in my life that feminism has changed and that the goal has changed but they DONT GET IT. May egalitarianism reign supreme or may the human race burn in hell. I really dont care which.


Roaches! I currently have a roach issue in my kitchen. My retarded cat aint killing it. Its disgusting.

3:32 pm -Writing is one of my main hobbies. Because of this I decided I would write some form of manifesto, mainly as an excersise as I don't expect anyone to read my opinions. But I have found I simply am not able to translate my thoughts to words and vice versa (if that makes any sense). When I am ranting in person (which I do alot, I imagine it gets boring, sorry people I know) I usually have no issues with explanations and shit but now that I have put pressure on myself it has become so much harder. There is also the issue that comes with writing is I am not trying to rant, I'm trying to inform (myself mostly).

10:36 am -Insecure asshole's who try to make you feel worse because of their own pathetic self loathing. Its even worse when these pricks are the type of "highschool popular kid" (which they usually are) because they have this insecurity mixed with arrogance which is a deadly concoction. These people can only be cured with a dash of the real world which usually comes when they get stuck with a life they hate. Maybe with a morbidly obese bitch of a wife. A job barely getting minimum wage, fucktons of debt and an alchohol addiction. However that is the worst case scenario (For them not me). If they never get taken down a peg then they could end up like Patrick Bateman or something (but likly not as successful). Anyhow thats my inchoherant rant of the day. I sadly broke my rule of no fact checking however I barely spelled any words well somehow (Ironic considering the rant being about idiots). Have a good day wherever you are.

11:28 pm -Sol Pais, I didn't know about this whore untill a few hours ago. I assumed she was some pretentious influencer or something who I didn't hear about cause I don't care about this shit. But I kept seeing her name. I don't know what to say, Fucking Florida am I right. I can't be bothered to type out why she's pathetic so just read about it elsewhere if you must. I will say she made a sick site tho. Edit: I HAVE NO ISSUES WITH COLUMBINERS. Look at my site for fuck sake. Next thing you know I'll be adding Jo mama jokes. My biggest problem with Sol is that she was stupid. She did nothing she just killed herself and for nothing.

5:32 am -People taking ofence in general. I don't understand why people choose to get offended by the slightest things, maybe I jus have "thick skin" but I couldn't care less generally about shit even if it's directed toward me. There have been very few times where something said has struck a chord with me personally. Maybe I am just bad a using offencive terms even as a joke so I strike that same chord with others but still. But y'know people taking offence to shit while I don't get it I understand people are different. But when people refuse to tell you what offended them. then I don't know what to tell you. Please join Heaven's Gate or something just rid the world of your filth. Random note today I found out what KMFDM stands for and it's metal as fuck!! Side Note: Apparenly people think KMFDM fans are neo nazi's or somethin because it's a German band I guess.

3:31 am -THE FUCKING PLASTIC BAG IN AMERICAN BEAUTY. ITS SO PRETENTIOUS, CRITICS AND SNOBS EAT THAT SHIT UP. Isaac Asimov was right. Reviewers are the most useless, pathetic people god ever bothered to make.

12:29 am -People who Try to rewrite history just becuase they don't like you/something you did. C'mon man it aint cool. TRYING TO SAY YOU NEVER LOVED ME WHEN YOU CLEARLY DID AFTER I SUDDENLY SAY SOMETING EDGY IS OBJECTIVELY TRYING TO REWRITE HISTORY BECAUSE YOU DECIDED I WENT TOO FAR! JASMINE YOU BITCH!!! This would be like if some high ranking SS solider suddenly tried to say he was working for the Polish army or something right after the 3rd reich falls. PEOPLE WHO DO THIS ARE SOME OF THE MOST PATHETIC EXAMPLES OF HUMANITY AS THEY DON'T HAVE THE DECENCY TO EITHER STAND UP FOR THEIR BELIEFS OR THEY ARE JUST SHEEP WHO FOLLOW THE GENERAL CONSENSUS FOR THAT DAY.

People who collect mental health disorders! I see it everywhere. And not just on the internet, It has somehow managed to seep its way into the real world.No joke in my old class there was this one chick who claimed to have (get some popcorn for this) BPD,DID,Autism and aspergers,Bipolar 2 and cyclothmia disorder,Depression & anxiety(the classic 14 year old girl duo),OCD,ADHD and SCHIZOPHRENIA!!! Oh and was she diagnosed with any of these listed above I hear you ask.NO OF COURSE NOT. This would sound genuinly comical if it werent so concerning. As someone who has been around the retarded and mentally ill my whole life I can say this girl seems perfectly fine despite her severe case of MY PARENTS DIDNT SUPPLY ME WITH ENOUGH ATTENTION AS A CHILD SO I NEED TO PRETEND TO BE A LUNATIC DISORDER. Anyhow thank you for reading my ted talk it's currently 4:43 am and I need to sleep pronto.