Shadow Warrior

This may be the one shooter that beats out doom in the battle for top spot. Shadow Warrior is the 2nd of the 3 Build trilogy and I think it gets the least love (that could be wrong I am just going off of what I see)
And to me, it is by far the best. Blood is fantastic with great difficultly but that makes it harder to just pick up and play; and I've played Duke too many times so its lost its magic I think.

Plus nothing beat anime tits

The 2 things this game has that makes me love it so much is 1. a Katana that is ACTUALLY HELPFUL IN COMBAT and 2. TANKS. Need I say more?

Shadow warrior further proves how perfect it is with its boss fights. All the build games have better bosses than ID's games but I think Shadow Warrior has the coolest at least. The final boss is a mecha which reminded me of Hitler in Wolf 3D which for all I know what what they were channeling (I forgot to get a screenshot of the final boss and I am not going back).

The game also has cool graphical details such as fully 3D weapons on the ground, when in your hands they are still sprites but before you pick them up you can see them in all their polygonal glory

This was the only reference to the other games I could find but I am blind so there could be more.

I don't know what the netplay is like. Because I didn't play it. But if it is like Duke then it isn't my cup'a tea

Anyway this was my gush on Shadow Warrior possibly my new favorite shooter (tied with the almighty doom of course)

Because I feel like it here are the games cheats, you need to press t before you can use them

SWCHAN - Toggle god mode
SWGIMME - Gives you all items
SWGREED - Enable every cheat
SWTREK## - Warp to level (01 to 28)
SWLOC - Use once, show framerate. Use again, show x, y coordinates.
SWRES - Change resolution
SWSTART - Restart level
SWGHOST - Toggle clipping mode
SWMAP - Toggle automap
SWSAVE - Save map position for build edit
SWTRIX - Turn on Bunny Rockets w/ Rocket launcher
SWNAME - In a multiplayer game, it changes your name
SOUND - Plays sound file 0-999
WINPACHINKO - Lets you win the pachinko game and get an item
QUIT - Quits game