Cover Game Review
SoulCalibur Soulcaliber is possibly my new favorite fighting game finally beating out Street Fighter Alpha 2. I first played Soulcalibur at a bar last month and soon fell in love so I came home and downloaded it in and had a whale of a time.
  • Graphics: 10/10
  • Gameplay: 10/10
  • Story: 4/10 (Its a fighting game so it doesn't really matter)
  • Cover Game Review
    Fallout Fallout is a game I have tarted many times but have never beat, that changed recently and boy am I glad it did. Fallout is an "isometric" RPG from 1997 developed by interplay. My only experince with RPG's in this genre came from Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment and while I did enjoy those games (particularly Baldur's Gate), they felt kind of generic as do most fantasy games in my opinion. Fallout was completly different. It has a morbid, misanthropic world that sucks you in. It is also a FUCKTON more difficult than the D&D games mentioned which could be a turn off for some, but not to me. The controls are often criticised by modern standards but personally I like the jumbled nature of the HUD and control scheme, but to each their own. To conclude, play fallout if you hate humanity and bethesda.
  • Graphics: 8/10
  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Story: 10/10
  • I apologise for the poor formatting but Im still getting the hang of tables