July 22 - Jesus Christ its been AWHILE I've sucessfully managed to abandon my site like a child not old enough to work manual labour. For those wondering (no one) I've been okay and have recently moved to the Czech Republic in a cute little villiage. I've been spending more time on BBS than the web recently as this whole Old web thing lost its novelty and I wanted a change of pace. AAAAANNNYHOW I'm working on some writing to put up still, Cya.

April 4 - Alright so it's been a while since I wrote anything here, Oooopsie. Anyhow, My life has been pretty boring. I moved to the countryside in Moldova after fleeing Russia, then a war started, and now I am helping refugees move through Europe yet it still feels dull (This war is mostly the reason I havent been on the net properly for a few weeks, it made the internet even shittier). But due to this lack of internet I have been doing LAN parties with my neighbors for Doom and Diablo and I must say, it's alot of fun blasting in deathmatch!! I'm also working on another project here on neocities but I wont mention anything until it is more developed, stay tuned :)

Jam 10 - Ive been packing, unpacking, selling and packing shit for all of today, jeez its a pain cause I wanna get rid of most of the shit I have but have to where to dispose of it. While Ive been doing that I watched some video by EXPLORE WITH US about a 15 year old killer called Alyssa Bustamante and I must recommend.

Jan 1 - Happy New Year, I don't really celebrate this shit but if you do I hope you enjoy it. I've spent my new year watching dear hunter, getting drunk and ranting about how I hope beetleguese blows up in May. But regardless, I hope you have had a good year, it's probably been better than someone's.

Dec 26 - I've had the idea to make a section on this site deditcated to my cd collection. It should be coming up soon enough.

Dec 9 - I plan on making a gore site but I am not quite sure if it is allowed on neocities. Ive been spending the day scouring archives of rotten.com and ogrish. If you know where I could make this or what I could name it PLEASE email me with details.

Dec 5 - Ive hit a road block with this website, I feel it is updated too infrequently to be worth anything. And it has a noticable lack of WADS for a Doom site (there is one in progress now though).At some point I'm going to write a rant about ideology but it would take A WHILE!