The Webmaster
As said before I'm BritKnee, O'BritKnee, Brit etc.
I'm (REDACTED) years of age (under 18), evident by my webste's design.
I don't really care for  religion but when someone asks then I am Catholic.
I move around alot but am in Romania at the moment due to the current war with Russia
(I was living in Moscow)
I firmly believe the 3 greatest countries are Finland, Germany and Japan and I hope to live in any of them
And politically I would consider myself a traditional leftist

The Website
I started this website last year so I could host my WAD's and I was having alot of fun with it until I had to move, but now I am determined to retake my place as a Z list citizen of the information superhighway. I am going to take down alot of things on this website from its earlier days as they are downright pathetic to read but I promise I will try and compensate with more pages.

My Music
My 3 favorite bands are Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Moss Icon and Nine Inch nails which pretty much sums up the genre's I like (Prog Rock'ish, Punk/emocore and Industrial respectively). If I am not listening to something of those genre's then it's one of the many random songs I have saved on my computer such as Komm Susser Todd, Lovefool, Ievan Polka, Brainbug's Nightmare or Gary moore's out in the fields to name a few. In fact as I am writing this Komm susser todd is playing on repeat (I love Evangelion).

Favorite Movies
My favorite movies are
Pulp Fiction, American History X, Heathers, End of Evangelion, Trainspotting, Batman (the 80s one), Eraserhead,Jesus Christ Superstar, Star Wars A New Hope, Tetsuo the Iron Man and The Warriors.

Games I play
I usually play first person games like doom and Quake but I do diversify my gaming to other games and genres like Sam and Max and Diablo. I'll be writing about games here. Console-wise I usually play SNES, PSX, PS2 and Game Boy. Metal Gear, Shin Megami Tensei and CastleVania being the best console series by far.

Games I Netplay
Some of the games I play online are Quake, Diablo,
Warcraft 2 and Meridian 59 (world 105) so if anyone is interested in net-playing with me then just find me on one of these places. I'm still new to Quakeworld so I am complete shit but it's still fun.